Duck eggs???

Since I arrived in Seattle, I've been eatin' some yummy breakfasts. The kind your Mama makes. (Only the sausages are soy and nobody suggests surely you need more, mooooore...) And sure enough, this morning Rachel offered to make me an egg while she makes her own. And there are waffles and those yummy Morningstar Farms sausages, too.

Then she told me that some people eat duck eggs. Asked if I've ever heard of that. Well, no, I don't believe I have. It seems not only do some people eat them but you can actually purchase 'em right here in Seattle supermarkets!

Aha! A fun little blog entry, no doubt... So I said, "Hey! I wonder if there's a Ooh. Lemme check." She laughed, I looked, and wouldn't ya' know it? Ta Da!!! really and truly does exist!

But that's not what we're eating this morning. These are normal chicken eggs. Like I've always eaten. I don't know what the big deal would be...just another bird and people eat duck all the time. Why not their eggs? Not sure. But I'll have to get used to that idea...not ready to eat duck eggs. Not yet...

(But you can! Order 'em and have 'em delivered automatically each month, even, if you like! It's a very cool concept. And if you do, write a comment on here and tell me how they tasted, okay?)