Even artists forget to think outside that box...

When roomie left today I reminded her I had a 2 o'clock appointment downtown. She said, "Good for you." And I didn't know why until she reminded me of how much I enjoy that area. It wasn't until then that it occurred to me that when I leave the house today, I need to do so wearing "both my hats." The one for "web chick" and the other for "jewelry designer."

It's not acceptable to walk into a gallery or shop and ask to show your "stuff' to the owner. It's quite acceptable, however, to walk around and finally locate those places people have been telling you about for so long. "You've got to have your stuff in this place. It's so you!!!" Meanwhile, a couple of them I haven't ever even been inside. Might not be real sure about where they even are.

Now, true, it's a holiday and many times galleries aren't open on Mondays. But I'm betting at least a few shops will be. And if not, I can still walk by and make a few notes...remind myself where everything is and who I need to approach later on this week.

Because it's time for me to start getting my jewelry out there into some new venues. Might as well use my time - and gas - most efficiently!