The building of a social gathering

Do you ever stop to think about the little ways all that time you and your friends have put into nurturing your relationship makes life so much easier? Sometimes I do, probably because I've got such interesting friends...they're just really neat people. So just when I've been missing some of them - everyone seems to have been away so much lately - I get a call:

  • Sarah: What are you doing tonight?
  • Me: Why? What's going on?
  • Sarah: We think you should come over. Marcy and Macon are back from Australia, and if he wakes up in time they're coming too.
  • Me: That sounds like fun!
  • Sarah: We have lots of stuff.
  • Me: What kind of stuff? Like furniture? Stuff...?
  • Sarah: Like food! You don't need to bring anything.
  • Me: Oh. Okay. Well, what time?
  • Sarah: I don't know. You call Marcy and ya'll work it out.
  • Me: Okay, I'll talk to you later.

It's just so simple. Cutting to the chase is just so much easier with friends you've known for a while.

And I don't call Marcy because I don't want to wake Macon up because jet lag stinks. So I go back to my work and think I'll call her later. But she calls me instead. Says yes, they're going, and how does 6 sound. I say it sounds perfect although I'm late 15 minutes like more than once before and when I get there they're already deep into their stories about Australia. So I make them back up and tell me everything. Which they do.

And before the end of the evening, we've talked to other friends in other cities who would be there too...if they didn't live in other cities now.  

Now, hours later, with about 400 new photos running around in my head confusing themselves with the others (5 weeks in a whole 'nother country gives a lot of territory to cover,) I'm smiling at the evening's cheer and the fact that not only these, but my other friends who have been traveling abroad have returned, I have gotten to live one vicarious vacation and two others are on the way.

That oughta' hold me 'til my next trip. Which is so not gonna' happen anytime soon. Or so I think for now...