My other blog. This time it's different. Really.

Regular readers won't be surprised to read that I have another blog. This time, it's different. Really. Different: meaning I think I didn't bite off more than I can chew because I've planned a little better than other blogs I started during other years when I, well...didn't. Meaning that it's exciting, I'm getting some nice traffic on that site. Meaning that this time I'm going to put up a prominent link to the other site. Meaning that some of the people on that site are about to be given a link to this site, too.

I get a nice amount of traffic here at my original site: Even though it's pretty rare that I get a lot of comment responses to the pieces I write, I seem to always be running into people who tell me they love reading my blog. Silent readers. Lurkers. And of course, I get emails directly from people who would rather talk to me privately than publicly.

Sorry. No need to introduce "you" to yourselves, I suppose.

eaclink.jpgLet me tell you about this other blog. It started here, with this entry. The loss of this TV character triggered my awareness of the "loss" of the TV show itself, and the awareness of a very interesting group of people - largely women - who were also fans of the show. (The show = McLeod's Daughters.) Well, these other fans were writing notes in the fan message boards and I became enthralled by what I read there. So I decided to start a blog about the "phenomenon," if you want to call it that. And see where that would lead. It's led to a sort of crazy place. Crazy in a good way.

The other MD fans who come to my new site are connecting in ways that have to do with the show and also in other ways. I've put up discussion boards, connected with Posie Graeme-Evans, who started McLeod's Daughters, and all kinds of new ideas are presenting themselves.

Now some of the visitors to that other site are interested in seeing my jewelry. It seems silly to keep putting pictures of my little creations over there without just providing a link to this site. But I needed to feel ready to do this, too. I mean, it's not like I'm trying to keep site private, or anything. It's a website that's housed at a domain that's also My First And Last Name, for goodness sake. I'm not exactly trying to be incognito on the 'net, or anything. In fact, I want traffic to this site! I want to increase the ways in which I can sell more of my work online, and this could lead to a new customer or two. But it also felt a little overwhelming, too, to put up a link to this site before now.

I think I've worked it out. So it's possible you'll be seeing some new activity in the comments of this blog. And now if you'd also like to quietly "lurk" somewhere else on the web, help yourselves. Presenting a whole 'nother place where you can go read "my stuff." And the stuff of a bunch of really interesting people I think you'll find as interesting as I do. Presenting: Even After Claire!