Babies and other weekend excitement

It's Saturday and I'm thinking of all this week brought and what needs to be accomplished in the coming week. But before that time, I'm thrilled that the weekend has arrived! Partly because I get to see Mr. Pie today, and partly because just the psychology of knowing it's a weekend gives one the permission to relax a at one's own pace.

Here's some of what's planned for today:

  • Drink a third cup of coffee then shower,
  • Go meet sis and family at "the flower park" where I'm gonna' shoot some family photos and some more of the little dude, suitable for framing for my mom,
  • Go home with them and hang out a while
  • Meet another friend back here who is bringing some plants over here she's donating to the cause since they're too big for her little yard
  • Maybe cook out with neighbors tonight

Now if I can just fit in time to:

  • put holes in the pendants I made this week before they dry too much,
  • respond to these emails that are waiting
  • update this site with photos of other jewelry I have for sale,
  • do some laundry
  • organize my room
  • exercise
  • run some errands

Hmmm. Wonder what will have to wait until later? Certainly NOT cuddling with that baby!

Happy weekend!!!