A great way to reignite a creative spark

If you are creative and you ever feel yourself slipping into a rut, I've got just the thing for you. Call me and we'll have a play date together. By the end, see if you don't feel inspired to make a whole bunch of stuff you'd forgotten you'd ever thought about.

That's what worked for me, anyway. Today I hung out with Susan for three hours. We restrung a beaded bracelet that had been broken. Check. We talked about techniques and options for the best way to hang pendants on cord and other necklaces. Check. We went out to her studio.....OHHHHH MAN!

I tell you anytime I even look at a single piece (of just about anything you can make, really,) that's well made and different from my own, I think of forty eleven thousand things I want to do when I get back to my own creative space. Now put me in a whole studio where an equally expressive, "Sure, I'll try this...and that too!" kind of person has been at work and you've got yourself days and days of inspiration.

Now to just make sure I hang onto it...