Not just a hurricane anymore...

It used to be that the weather was just that. The weather. Nice day. Not nice day. Gonna' rain. Gonna' have a big old storm.

Did you see the article on warning us that we could see 10 hurricanes this season? Scary stuff. But before now (I'm sure it's been creeping into my reality just like gas prices have crept up, and just like the gray hairs that seem to be breeding when I'm not looking,) it always seemed that talks about the weather didn't raise such questions.

Nowadays thoughts of hurricane season take me down these thought paths:

  • Global warming
  • Race relations in the US
  • Choosing the ideal place to live
  • And on and on...
I tend to keep my blog "lite." No big controversial topics. Public discussions of certain issues makes me uncomfortable. So when it comes to topics other than ADD, art, self-employment, my very-much-adorable-baby-nephew, and travel, I tend to keep things pretty watered down. Who would have thought a mere mention of potential storms would have elicited the discomfort I felt when I sat down to write? Perhaps just a "sign of our times." Icky, though... For new and improved reasons.