Quality art or a mooshy mess?

The creative process isn't always tidy. This occurred to me earlier today as I was working in clay on the kitchen counter - with great gusto. Regardless of the Tidiness Factor, I'm often fortunate enough to be able to step out of that process and look at it as if from afar. "Let it be what it is," seems to echo through my mind. Making pendants from clay seems to take many forms:

  • Sometimes I follow the plans I've sketched and written about,
  • At other times I roll out slabs of clay and fill them with texture, later cutting them apart and working with each highly textured piece to eventually form the pendants,
  • There are times I use cutters and form all sorts of shapes, attaching and pounding them into each other, rolling them into other shapes, drilling holes into the part-way finished elements, then forming them into something else altogether,
  • And then there are days like today.

I have not the foggiest idea what it is I'm doing on that counter downstairs in the kitchen. The mounds and slabs and rippled and ripped and pounded and stuck-together bits of clay are making up the most extraordinary...well, Mess!

I think it's very much cool. I've left some pieces to dry for several hours. It's time to go check them now.  I may have to ball 'em up and start all over again. Maybe not. Hopefully not.

I'll report back and tell you what I find...