New handmade necklace designs for you!

Do you procrastinate even when the task you're putting off is something you very much enjoy? Why do you think we do it? Because I had a bit of Early Morning Telephone Friend Therapy this morning, I'll tell you what we came up with, if you think that would be useful! 'Cause, see, I'm world class at procrastinating.

Take my latest jewelry designs, for example. I've been blogging about these photos occasionally since before I left for Seattle. Ludicrous, really! If the photos had already been taken and of course I want to sell the pieces, why on earth didn't I just suck it up and post them online?

Well, why don't I give you the short version? It's got something to do with my occasional tendency to be a perfectionist. Not always, of course, but with certain areas of my life, I tend to want more and more from myself, and think of anything less than my very best as simply substandard. So since I have swarms and mountains of designs in my head that are Exceedingly Superior to the work I'm doing now, I start to doubt this current work. Which is why, I suspect, I keep finding other things to distract me when I'm supposed to be preparing the galleries for your enjoyment.

Please don't get me wrong. I love these necklaces. Each one of them is incredibly special to me for many reasons. I put so much time and thought and care into each one and I know how fortunate I am that I've come this far with them. The process improves with each series and I love it more all the time. But apparently I still compare What Is with What Could Be.

Okay, regardless of all that, I have necklaces to show you now! (link removed) Tra la la!!! Enjoy. More on this, no doubt, at a later time.

Happy Weekend!