Quest for Balance: Part 743

105053-329194-thumbnail.jpgTraveling doesn't eliminate the nagging sense that there needs to be a tighter handle on my schedule. On my ability to balance business and pleasure. As it turns out. Because we live in such a mobile world, it seemed perhaps I could just pop over for a couple of weeks on the west coast, minimize my business-related tasks (from, say 17 to something more reasonable - like 6,) and try on this "new" city. To see how well it fit me if I got a hankerin' to do something drastic. Such as one day pick up and move to "the other side." (Calm down, Mom. I'm not packing any serious bags just yet.)

Well whaddya' know? In spite of the presence of many useful computer files, a digital camera and laptop, walking proximity to a looooot of cool and artistically inspiring shops and galleries, easy access to my multiple email accounts, a mighty-powerful cell phone connection (5 Bars, people!!!) and plenty of old fashioned paper and pencils, it turns out I also brought my ADD to Seattle with me too.

You could say today started off to be one of those jumbled up days in which information flies around the inside of my head and I'm keen to sort it out. The desired end result should leave me feeling productive and as if I've taken full advantage of this New And Exciting City. I mean, with views like the one in this picture within walking distance of the place I sleep each night, it'd be a shame to return home without having immersed myself as completely in this town as I possibly can.

So far evidence suggests my ability to manage my time on the west coast is remarkably parallel to my ability to do so at home.

Who knew?

But it won't keep me from trying. I'll let you know how that works for me...