Hard clay - beginning of a saga?

When last it was mentioned, there was a 25lb bag of clay that needed to be retrieved from the trunk of my car. It's been retrieved. And, as suspected, it's incredibly solid. Not workable at all.

So, as is my custom, I punched holes in it and ran water into them, closed up the bag, and forgot about it. As I've been taught.

This morning, I find that the clay is every bit as hard as before. I suspect either one of two things as the culprit:

  1. There is a hole in the bag and all that water drained out. Or
  2. Porcelain clay is different from other clay and perhaps I should have used more water.

I have no idea. For now, I've added a lot more water and closed up the bag. If I'd been smarter about it, perhaps I would have also put it into another bag. But then I'll never know for next time. So in spite of the delays in processing, I'll wait for it to soften and if it doesn't this time, I'll move it to a new bag and start the process all over again.

May the saga be a short one...