Birth of the Beading Seminar

Do you find that much of life is "made up" as I sometimes do? I mean, you find yourself actually planning events you never heard of before, being perceived as a bit of an "expert" on topics you frankly learned about on your own... Because the workload of a freelancer (in my case, at least,) is filled with ebb and flow, during an unusually slow period some time back, I considered getting a part-time job. Didn't like the thought at all, so decided to "make one up."

That's when I started actually advertising my beading parties. I'd held them before, for people who'd asked me to, but never really gave much thought to the big picture. I brought my beads, told people what was what, showed some samples, and let 'em go. And although I'm no longer actively filling in the spaces of my schedule with more of these, sometimes I'm now asked to host one. In a more formal location, like an educational setting, we call them "workshops". And now I'm asked about a "seminar."

Neither of these terms feel unusual or foreign at all. But particularly with the latter, it begins to hit me that it's time for ME to kick it up a notch. Sharing my toys at a bead party is just fine. Declaring that someone is coming to a "seminar," well that's quite another thing altogether. That involves some education...some history. Some variety indeed!

I'm intrigued and honored. And looking forward to preparing for upcoming offerings. I love learning the history of beads and have very much enjoyed learning about the varied origins and styles of beads. Why not take some of that knowledge, ramp it up a bit, and make it accessible to others? Seems like that's just what I'm about to do...