Texture - from film to clay

This weekend, I watched a movie with one of my friends. In a remarkable show of bad form, I will intentionally not tell you what movie it was. Because this entry is not about the movie. (I'll also admit to a sneaking suspicion that I should have understood more of a film that left me more than a little bewildered. I don't think it was the fact that this particular one offered its English in subtitles that I overlooked some possible meaning I still struggle to grasp. And so I'm not ready to discuss a film about which I remain so uncertain.)

What I very much did like about the movie was how visually compelling it was and how much texture played a part of those visual enhancements. What I'm exploring this morning is the idea that texture can transcend from the screen to the tangible. I think of the 25 pound bag of porcelain clay I'm about to open. The pendants of my thoughts were not high on texture. Having returned from my Seattle trip with images of the art that city showed me, several new ideas are waiting to be explored. Now having seen the Unnamed But Perplexing Movie, I have another series of pieces floating around in my head.

But I don't know how to capture the texture from the screen and bring it "to life" in clay.

I'm going to discover how. Through writing, perhaps (fortunately for you, dear reader, most of the writing I'm talking about will not appear in my blog,) and sketching, too. And most importantly, through a meditative trial-and-error process, since many times just pondering a concern while forming the clay takes me further than any pre-planning ever will. "Making it up as I go along" has its benefits.

Regardless of how I get there, or of whether I do or not, past experience suggests that this morning's pondering will, indeed, turn out some interesting pieces. It remains to be seen if they'll be interesting in the way that people will respond to. It remains to be seen if they'll be interesting in the way I want them to. But it seems important to "just do it." Then, perhaps, I can tell you of the results of that process. For now, I'm heavy in the pre-work reflection phase. Remembering a movie I can't tell you about, and textures that still dance on the screen of my mind, waiting to get out. And into the clay...