Cell phones on eBay - let the bidding begin

In about 6 minutes, I'm going to place a bid on a cell phone to replace the one I've blogged about before. In this entry, for example.

Nowadays, it's become common to have to answer a call, hang up (since I can't hear the caller,) and wait for them to call back immediately.

There's only so much of this that people will continue to tolerate. And so I logged onto eBay to bid on a phone. Aren't I lucky that within 20 minutes of logging on and finding the phone I want, I saw that a nicely priced one was going to be finishing up.

4 minutes 35 seconds. Here I am blogging. There are two bids, and I don't want to have to pay too much. Y'know?

Okay, I'll let you know how it goes...as it is, my heart is beating and I feel like something huge is about to happen. (It doesn't matter what I'm bidding on...eBay does that to me. The game, I suppose. I just placed a bid. I'm the high bidder.