Suckin' it up...

I pretty much wrote off yesterday. Had to...I was beat after my friends whipped up on me, showing me every possible sight there was that could be fit in while I was out in Seattle. And so I needed the rest.

Today I don't have a choice...I've made commitments to others outside my bedroom who will be expecting me at specific hours. So I had to get up this morning in spite of the fact that last night I tossed and turned past 1am thinking, "Sleep...I must sleep." It wasn't happening and I don't really know how late it was when I finally did sleep. And since my body thought it was only 10 or so, it makes sense that I couldn't sleep...I rarely went to bed before midnight while in Seattle.

I've been up for an hour. So far it's not going so great. I made coffee. Read a few blog entries friends have written lately that I'm behind on. Gabbed with roomie and made some tentative plans for coming days. But basically, I'm moving really slowly this morning. Doesn't matter...I've still got stuff to do.

Perhaps tonight it will be easier to fall asleep...sure hope so!