Home again

Do you also value the idea of the occasional Day Without Goals? I ask, because although I rarely start a day without a To Do List, today saw no such list. If this were any other day, I might be questioning whether I've just wasted it away. As it is, let's just say I've given myself a gift.

After two nice flights yesterday, I arrived home last night, safely and pleased to be here. In spite of how wonderful my trip was, there really is very little that compares to home. Home where your stuff lives. Where your rhythms are already a part of the landscape.

There are two hours remaining until the Close Of Business. I mention this as I consider a couple of the unwritten tasks I'd set out for myself. Errands. Not many, but fairly important. And so if I'm going to meet those unwritten goals, I'll need to leave within an hour or two.

Or I could continue at the current pace and consider a return to goal-setting when tomorrow arrives. I mean, the world would not come to an end if I didn't make those deadlines... Why don't we just wait and see how it goes?