Sickly in Seattle

You might not be as surprised as I was that I awoke sometime around 5:15 a.m. with a decidedly unwell tummy. I suppose I was surprised because in spite of the fact that sometimes I have these inexplicably odd tummy "issues," things were going so well! Even the lower back issue that manifested itself, on schedule, around the 3rd day of Sleeping On The Mattress That Was On Someone Else's Bed Instead Of My Own, came and went without too much fanfare. Why on earth would I have anticipated that I'd be standing outside the bathroom for the 3rd time in the morning, somewhere around 7:25 hoping the door would just open naturally and I wouldn't have to interrupt its inhabitant who was just trying to have a nice, leisurely early morning shower?

I interrupted.

So instead of going to work again with my friend and working on the tidy little website project I started on Friday, I stayed home. This choice put a damper on the plans that were well-laid. I was supposed to work until mid-afternoon (somwhere around now,) when my other friend would walk over from nearby where she (conveniently enough) also works, to collect me for the afternoon and evening continuation of my exploration of All Things Seattle.

She won't be collecting me.

I had guilt. Over messing up the plans of my friends. Over not showing up for work as scheduled (yea, I'm on vacation, but you like to put your best foot forward with a client, albeit one you only just met and won't be seeing much of after, oh, this week.) Over having not made myself sit down and write in my blogs - a routine I like to keep up when possible no matter where I am. Over the early morning self-quizzing to determine if I didn't bring it on myself, unwittingly, by declaring with a twinge of exhaustion last night, "I wish I hadn't agreed to go anywhere tomorrow morning." I mean, sometimes the mind is a tricky thing.

That last concern went out the window sometime around the 6th time I found myself in the Handy Room Down The Hall asking myself a different question altogether: "Is it something I ate???"

Don't think so, since we all ate the same thing yesterday - more-or-less. But the body is also a tricky thing. And the body, I soon recalled, can enjoy familiarity. So I've convinced myself it's likely a case of Too Many Different Elements In Great Quantity At A Single Time. Different: time zone, climate, set of menus, sleep schedule, sleep location, daily routine...for starters.

And I'm mostly over the guilt, too. Since outings can be rescheduled and I finally remembered that nobody blames the sick chick for ruining their good time when she's, well, sick.

Plus I still have just over a week in this beautiful city. Looking out the window at the glorious clouds and blue sky that have miraculously replaced the dreary rain that appeared just before my last nap which lasted perhaps an hour, I'm perplexed and amazed by this weather phenomenon.

But I can be perplexed from my bed. I think I'm going back for another nap. More tourist reports a little later. For now I'm about to do what I could have done from any other city - fabulous or un - and I'm looking forward to it. I'll hav to tell you about yesterday's sights and sounds another time.

Nighty night!