Mr. Pie and Grandma find a way to keep up

pietalkstograndma2b.jpgSince my parents live several hours away from their new grandson, we have to find creative ways to keep them connected. Here's one for the "why technology is cool" list.

Today I got to keep Mr. Pie for several hours. (That would be short for Sweetie Pie, Cutie Pie, and all the other kinds of pie I found myself calling him. So now he's often just Mr. Pie.) And while I kept him, we were hangin' out, having a fine time. Talking and singing. We've skipped right over "The wheels on the bus" and settled onto Paul McCartney ballads, if today is any indication. Then Grandma called. Well, it took me a while to catch on to this fact, but suddenly it was solidified for me: a 6 week old very first grandson cooing on the other end of the phone is just about the most exceptional sound My Mother has ever heard and she'll sit there for hours talking to him. Then speakerphone it is!

I think Mr. Pie kinda' liked it, too...