Pull off glorious beading extravaganza - check!

So this is how yesterday afternoon's schedule evolved:

  • I arrived at Dena's house almost at the moment I'd intended (she lives a fur piece from here - I hadn't practiced the drive.)  She had invited a pile o' friends to come play with my beads.
  • We set everything up, she oohed and ahhed, the food was laid out, we gabbed and gabbed, catching up on our mutually overbooked schedules from the past weeks, and that alone was a good time.
  • People started coming not a minute before we were ready.
  • They started handing me money.
  • I knew it was going to be a good night.
  • Then more people came.
  • And they made some fantabulous necklaces and earrings using my supplies.
  • And were nice to each other. Much laughter surrounded us all evening.
  • I'd do it again.

I already discovered that one attendee wrote about it on her blog. How cool is that??? Stevii is a web client of mine, and colleague of Dena's. You might say we're a little bunch of networking fools who sometimes get to enjoy each other's company.

Still no pictures. I didn't remember to bring a camera. (Which is to say, I forgot to bring a camera.) And Dena's batteries were dead. But trust me: everything was pretty.

To everyone who came, if you read this, thank you. I had such fun meeting you and talking with all of you. Such a nice blending of energies. Who says women can't get along...that they have to compete? Not true. Not always true, anyway.

And without further ado, I must move along with my day. I've had a premonition that there will be more beading in my future...