New ceramic pendant happiness

cp06-04-06.jpgTa da!!! HOW I love it when I go see my work for the very first time after its been fired. And the odds were in my favor this time: I had so many pieces in that kiln that had been created in so many different installments that all the designs don't look the same and they're not all glazed the same. Sure, there are clearly little "families" of designs. But they're different, too.

On the down side would have been if something unspeakable had occurred during that single firing. Putting all one's eggs in a single basket, as it were, isn't necessarily the best idea. But we pulled it off and Marcy's stuff looks great too! I didn't spend a long time looking through her things (I just stopped in for a pickup; she's doing non-artistic work today,) but they sure looked good without picking them up and turning everything over. I hope she's as pleased as I am! 

I'm going to try and put more photos in here side by side and stop writing. Need to get back to that schedule I told you about earlier today. Cheers! 


cp01-04-06.jpg cp02-04-06.jpg  cp05-04-06.jpg