Morning excitement over pendants & beads

I'm giddy with the knowledge that I have more than enough on today's plate to fill three full day's schedules. And I don't really want to give any of it up. But I will. I think some of the web work I was so excited about yesterday is going to have to wait. Not for too long, but wait nonetheless. So here's how it's gonna' go down. After I write this:

  • I'm going to throw on a sweater and shoes and drive to Marcy's studio and unload the kiln. It was too hot when she called last night to say we couldn't do it early as she'd hoped.
  • Then I'm coming back here to lay them all out and admire and ooh and aah over them. And, no doubt, lament over a few, too. It's inevitable that when I get to this phase a few will be highly disappointing. But not all, and no lie - I'll lay them out and look at them, and pick them up one at a time, and giggle from happiness if the firing has been a success, and finally pull out a few and declare they are to be chosen first. The inspiration from those first few will spark a beading frenzy.
  • But I will put them away, come back up here for a shower which I am not taking time for right now - it's too exciting to get over there and see what I can find.
  • Then I will drive to Hobby Lobby where I discovered they are having a sale on glass beads. I think it's a good time to supplement my "stash" so I know for sure that I have enough for all I'm about to make AND for tonight's beading party. (Yup! Gonna' do this again at somebody else's house!)
  • Plus Hobby Lobby has a 40% off anything coupon this week online. Did you know they do that sometimes? Good stuff. I'm gonna' buy Beadalon beading cord with mine. What are you gonna' buy with yours? Oh, unless they're out. Sometimes people go buy it all out. But that's usually when the sale includes the actual Beadalon, which I don't believe it does this week. One per customer with a coupon, thank you very much. If you want a discount, that is.
  • Then I'll buy gas. Where does it go???
  • And return home to play, play with all my new goodies!
  • Then pack it all up and drive to Madison for the bead party. I hope to be there by 4. Better find out how long it will actually take me to make the drive. A half hour, maybe? I could be wrong. Have to pack my necklaces, too. They provide great inspiration for those hit with the "What will I do, where will I start???" scenario. Sometimes people buy them, too.
And that's my day. Yours???