A day with another artist friend

105053-307724-thumbnail.jpgYesterday's time in Marcy's studio was rejuvenating. Sounds like a hokey word to use here, but that's kinda' how I'm feeling this morning. We listened to Celtic music and glazed our butts off. And talked. Among other things, about the creative processes we have both incorporated into our schedules and about the unique challenge of marketing our work. Self-promotion is inevitable if you're an artist and want to actually make (or even supplement) your living creating "stuff." Where do you sell your stuff? Online? In galleries? Cool shops? Festivals? Home parties? On the street? I mean, really...you have to think about these things! Our processes have similarities and differences.

After we glazed for hours and felt we couldn't move any further, we moved out of the studio and into the house. The mirror in this picture was nowhere to be found. (I just wanted to show you an example.) BUT Marcy's working on some new ones and I had the pleasure of helping her glue down the pieces that make up the mosaic design. Watching or helping with an artist's process - particularly when the work is somewhat different from your own - helps teach us how much work goes into the fabulous things we see around us.

From a conversation with Macon (Marcy's dude) while I was struggling to keep everything in the place into which Marcy had laid it out, while I helped her with the glueing. She'd left the room:

Me: Aaaah. What's this? Where did this piece come from? It doesn't fit!

Macon: That happens to Marcy too.

Me: I'm making up designs here! What will I do with this extra piece?

Macon: Oh, just drop it down in the sofa cushions. She won't miss it.

Love, LOVE these people!  Have I ever mentioned I have the most excellent friends???