70 pendants?

By the time we finished glazing and loading the kiln yesterday, I do believe I had more than 70 new pendants on those shelves. Never mind some of them have been glazed and sitting on Marcy's studio shelf for weeks and weeks, and I'd already forgotten what they looked like - that I made them in the first place. But between all those pendants and all those beads, I do believe my work this last couple of months will happily increase my inventory.

And we finished in time to fire the kiln which means that by tomorrow morning I'll be able to pick up those babies. Although there are so many things non-jewelry-making that have to be done this week, that's exactly what the focus of my week needs to be. Designing beaded necklaces that will gloriously complement those pendants. I'm well on my way, but feel I have so much more I want to make.

But first, how 'bout some coffee? I had a little bout with insomnia around 12:30-1, and really, reeeeally need a pick me up. Coffee oughtta' do it, though. It's gonna' be a good day. I can tell.