Not a single photo - beading party

I forgot to take photos from last night's beading party as planned. Actually, not much really went as planned. I mean, all the tidying was complete, and I made yummy peanut butter cookies using this recipe from (only I put them in a pan and cut bar cookes instead of making round, standard cookes.) And the beads were organized nicely and my necklaces were out on display. But as I said, I forgot to take pictures. And some people canceled at the last minute. So it was a very tiny bead party. But sooo much fun!

As anticipated, in continuation of what I observed while in Atlanta, turquoise and aquamarine and teal are very popular at this moment while "my beaders" gear up for their spring wardrobes. Last night was no exception. I'll have to pay attention and see if this trend continues at Thursday night's beading extravaganza.

Maybe it's also a good idea for me to remember these colors when I'm glazing pendants later on today. When I'm glazing loooooots of pendants later on today. Psychotic.

Have a good one!