An artistic vibe

Do you think of cities in context of their "vibes" like I do? I'm thinking of my tendancy to compartmentalize things (including cities,) because today I'm thinking of Seattle in terms of the way I compartmentalize this city! Although I've only been to a single gallery and no museums whatsoever, I still think of Seattle as "an artsy city." I see sculpture everywhere, the architectural offerings are interesting, artists are all over. Art school here - we passed it yesterday. And the food, even, the atmosphere of the restaurants in which we've eaten - they're "artsy" too.

I'm rushing...this is just before we're leaving to go visit some markets where there will, no doubt, be more evidence of this city's artistic offerings. I'm typing oh so you know I'm holding "them" up while I type? We're walking out the door THE second I finish. But I wanted to check in, say how much I love this city, and tell you if you're lookin' for cities that offer "artistic sensibilities" you'll want to come here. If you haven't already. Or again. Cheers!