Observations from Seattle - Part 1

What time zone are you in? I ask this because it's become clear to me that I've underestimated the signifance of the allmighty time zone.

As I write this, it's 10:14am in Seattle and my body hasn't really caught on yet. But the people I had to call earlier were three hours ahead. Because those people live where I do. It's all very interesting and something I didn't give quite enough thought to when I planned this trip.

Meanwhile, this town has already really caught my attention. In a good way. It's so beautiful and interesting. If I take a nap soon, maybe I'll be more equipped to handle a little walk around the neighborhood. Which isn't like neighborhoods in my town. Not many of 'em, anyway. If I walk 3 blocks, I will be able to visit coffee and tea shops, cafes, cool artsy fartsy shops, and really who knows what all...since I haven't been yet. But we drove around last night and I'm keen to see more.

All that to say "Hello, I'm here, I'm safe and I'll tell ya' more later." Cheers!