Little delights: my first excursion in Seattle

Well I did take that nap. Had to. I wasn't gonna' enjoy anything, including myself, if I didn't. It wasn't a power nap like ones I've mentioned here before. It was a big old, honkin' serious nap after which I awakened and realized more than two hours had passed and now perhaps I could function in society. Which would be very handy since it seemed like the time was right to actually go out into society!

So I showered, made sure I had a phone and important phone numbers, identification, enough cash to help if I needed it but not enough to get into any serious trouble, keys to the building and the apartment. And I set out on my first excursion in Seattle.

This is what I saw:

  • People surprised and delighted by this much sun on a Thursday afternoon,
  • Lots of bicyclers and walkers,
  • Friendly people and those who didn't really care about those around them,
  • Lots of interesting tattoos,
  • A baby in a stroller who looked not unlike my new baby nephew, and his mom who was wearing orange shoes - I guess she was hismom,
  • A large, hairy man with a huge ring in his nose, hair down his back, a fabulous colorful outfit, and a booming voice - he talked with the woman who ran the cool shop I was perusing,
  • The incredibly inspiring art glass by Kurt McVay in another gallery I'll definitely be returning to.
  • And many, many more things.

Then I walked in the direction of "home" until I looked up and thought "that looks like the car that used to live two doors down from me. And alas, it was. The darnedest thing.

Now my grand hosts have arrived back home and I do believe we're going for sushi at one of their four hundred "favorite" restaurants. More to report another time, no doubt...