The day before a trip

When you haven't started packing and there's still a handful of deadlines looming before you can even think of going near an airport, there's a shimmer of excitement that's not like anything else. Because I like to keep things hopping, I've made sure I get my pre-travel "shimmer" in buckets full.

Or something. I haven't made any lists today and have had a half a cup of coffee. Truth be told, I was sleeping quite peacefully an hour ago when the neighbors did the big hand-off of baby to child care provider and chatted it up in the driveway. And so I'm awake as I have been since they helped me get up. It's not the worst thing, I suppose. I'm still in that space of denial when I think I can get it all done, and more. I've done some laundry and although it's not folded and the final load still has to finish drying, I feel I've planned things pretty well.

Maybe I should take a couple of minutes to actually re-confirm my flight to Seattle. And there's gonna' have to be some healthy pokin' around on, too. Since I always pack the wrong clothes. It happens when I go t Atlanta and I really want to be warm enough in Seattle. I hear they're not living in flipflops there as I've started doing here. So yea, there's a lot to do.

Here's hoping the next time I write something on here, I'll have a bit more focus. You'd like that, wouldn't you???