Weekend beaded creations

On Saturday, after I'd gotten myself over the fact that it might, indeed, rain all day, I managed to get myself set up in a nice sized room with several tables and even more chairs. Turned out we didn't need nearly as many as we'd thought, of either. The rain definitely kept the attendance down. But those who came had a magnificent time.

I'd say all told, perhaps 4 bracelets and 15 necklaces or so were created by "my students" and each one of them seemed to enjoy the process in their own unique way. We had two sessions. My morning one was lively and enthusiastic. Sometimes even loud. In a good way. The latter was quiet and subdued. I think I was the greatest hinderance to that energy. I couldn't just let it be what it was - kept trying to find ways to liven up the room. Sometimes you don't want to be lively - you just want to bead your little pieces. If I could do it over again, I'd remember that and let people sit quietly and work.

Although I didn't bring a camera, Cheryl - the Graphic Designer With The Most - came with her own. She let me take pictures of the pieces people made in the afternoon session. When she has some free time to email them to me, I'll start a gallery on here so you can see the variety of masterpieces that resulted in my little workshops. I think everyone was pleased with their creation. Which pleased me just fine.

Everyone was wonderful. If you were one of the participants and you read this entry, thank you for coming. I really had such a great time and appreciated your participation.

Now if only my Monday can turn out as successfully as my Saturday...