When your hobbies and career collide

Not too long ago I wrote about these fun, new clay pendants I made that were drying at the perfect pace. They've been dry for ages. But they're still not quite yet ready for firing. Now that I've tricked myself into a solid deadline, they'll be ready very, very soon.

As is often the case when you choose to make a living doing things that some people would have kept as mere hobbies, I got a little bored with the current phase. So I'll buff and sand and clean up the surface of one or two or three then I'll move along to something more fun. Then get back to it. It's not a quality process, this batch, which includes a LOT of pendants but it's worked okay.

Now I'm going to my friend's studio tonight so we can load her bisque kiln together. Which means I'm taking them in a couple of hours. So after I finish writing, it's back to work for me. All that dust... Then we'll fire and glaze in time for another firing - the high firing with glazes. Then I'll work like a completely mad woman to make necklaces that perfectly compliment the pieces. Fortunately, I know my glazes fairly well and so some of the beaded necklaces are already being created. Then I'll assemble those "backwards." (I usually start with a completed, fired pendant once I see just how the glaze turns out.) As is sometimes the case, I haven't left myself enough time to do it that way this time. I have too many new pieces to make. So who knows how the finished pieces will turn out?!?

I'm betting they'll be fun. Sure hope so...