Pushing the schedule envelope with ADD

I have a meeting in less than an hour. Here. I'm still wearing the clothes I threw on this morning when I woke up. Haven't showered, or brushed my hair or done any of the other civilized things you'd like to think your friendly neighborhood web chick will do before you arrive for a meeting after a week and a half.

Working from home has allowed me to be more productive. Sometimes. But it's also allowed me to get a little spoiled when it comes to all these niceties. Like dressing in normal clothes before 10, and putting on lipgloss. You know, the stuff most people do without thinking.

So this morning I keep glancing at the clock. I've been doing so since before 8. How is it, then, that every time I glance at the clock between the "I'll just do one more" tasks, it's jumped like 20 minutes??? Now I have to shower and dress in 45 minutes and I'm in the middle (once more) of a session with the cropping all the photos I keep writing about. (You begin to see, perhaps, how it is I haven't put the new photo gallery online for all to see. Beside the fact that there are a ton of photos to prepare.)

Okay. So I'll crop two more photos then hit the shower. Guys can get dressed in 5 minutes flat. No reason it should take me 45 minutes, right???