When your mood needs a lift

Here's a little suggestion. Next time you're in a bad mood, try to find yourself a baby to hang out with. I tried to get out of my dinner plans with sis last night 'cause the day was just Icky and I wasn't in the mood to drive more than, oh, a half mile, to put myself out for anything that wasn't mandatory.

Sis didn't let me off the hook and I'm glad now. That Baby Is One Cool Dude. I'm not saying I want my own - it still seems fairly labor intensive and exhausting to have your own, and who knows what other words I could use to describe it? (You probably do, actually...it's well documented, this list of worthy sacrifices for parenthood.) Nevertheless, it's quite fine being an auntie. 

That's all. He didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Smiled at me, made cool gestures and sounds, looked at me. Simple stuff.

I totally dig this kid.

And voila! My bad mood was gone! Thanks Joy!