Photo progress still lagging

If you said A.D.D. was driving my day, you'd have declared the understatement of the day. Sheesh! Wouldn't it be cool to have these photos finished, already?

I'll admit that I've let myself become distracted by other things - some of which I never write about on here. And kinda' letting minor worries get under my skin. Normal, life ones, nothing big. The mundane, minutia of life. Not related to photography in the least. But necessary, y'know?

I think the photos look okay, though. I just really want to have them all nicely (and similarly) cropped before I put 'em up here for anybody to see. It's frustrating. Because I think I've done a poor job of marketing my jewelry. And this website could be a fine vehicle, indeed. You'd think I'd get on it...

Here's to hoping I regain some focus and that I have some great news to report next time I check in.