Progress report - photo shoot

I got my homework completed and now I'm allowed to blog. See, it seems that there are times when I'm prone to plan and take notes and talk about the process - and blog about it, let's not forget that - only to find myself out of time when it comes to put the long hours in. Not always, most certainly! But when there's a hurdle to be overcome, quite likely!

And so today I was not allowed to write anything in my blog until I completed the photo shoot I've been talking about for, oh, is it days now? Weeks even?

There were a number challenges that got in the way of getting to this point. First, just making a solid choice about the best way to shoot these images. Should I:

  • Put them on a stand?
  • If so, white or black?
  • Block out all the background color?
  • Or drape fabric behind the necklace stand?
  • If so, which fabric? Something nice and elegant, or sheer and subtle, or perhaps bold and vivid?
  • Hang them from a branch like I did the festival bracelets? (I actually did a series of that kind of shots yesterday to try it out...leading to more challenges...)
  • When on a branch, the wind might blow them and the likelihood of blurring means I have to shoot far more than I actually need.
  • And would you believe it, the outside critters were buzzing around the tree and actually ended up in at least one of the shots. That requires more tweaking when I prepare the shots for viewing online.
  • Also there seem to be more leaves on the trees than last time! Imagine that! So placement and background distractions was a greater challenge.

And on and on it went. But then I also realized that I have little jewelry price tags on each necklace that are distracting in a photograph. You know those tidy little ones that have glue only on the round part where the price goes, but nothing sticky on the loop that surrounds the necklace itself? I'm thrilled that I have those, but they don't need to be on my photos!!! Well, if I take 'em off, then I won't remember how much each one costs when it comes time to post the price on my new and improved gallery. So I found a fix to that, too.105053-314381-thumbnail.jpg

  • First I got out all the trays and shot photos of each one. There were 8 in all, although a few of them weren't completely full. (Meaning the tray inserts have loops for 7 necklaces each.) The photos didn't have to be crisp and I didn't have to have all the dust off the tray inserts. I was going for record keeping here, not quality photography.
  • I cropped each image so that only the pendant and a bit of the design shows.
  • Then I added the price to the photo itself, on a little blue disk I'd put there on each photo. I suppose I should show an example of this 'cause frankly I don't think I'd understand what in the world this is supposed to mean if it weren't something I'd made up myself! Okay, there it is. Rough but helpful to me. Especially when I'm removing that many price tags.

And THEN I made my choice, set up my display (inside, as it turns out,) and commenced to shooting. Sadly, I'm not even close to being able to show you the finished products. I still have to:

  • crop the images,
  • resize them until they're perfect for my online gallery of handcrafted jewelry,
  • and then upload them to my website.
  • After that I'll need to write a bit of description, add the prices, and link to it so you, dear patient, kind website visitors can view the fruits of my labors.

Then I've finally decided to spend some quality time actually marketing my jewelry online. Novel idea!!!

Hope your day is also productive. Happy Friday!