Planning = merely a suggestion

You can't plan this stuff. "This stuff" being life, that is. My life, at any rate. Here I go thinking I have a handle on things, making a list, checking it twice, then something completely different happens to steer me in another direction altogether.

Here's an example. I've written that this weekend I went to a pottery festival. Always a fun group. But festivals can be tricky, especially when people are coming to buy, oh, pottery...and I now sell jewelry inspired BY pottery. Ceramic pendants and all. So I sold a few pieces but truthfully it wasn't my best sale. Which is fine - I still had fun, which I already wrote about in my last entry. And now my inventory is up, which I really needed it to be. Good stuff, right?

Well, since the show for which I worked and worked and planned, I have sold two pieces and had an email inquiring about another necklace on my photo gallery (which I'm working to get updated really soon,) just today. The sale was to a website client. Out of the blue. Now if I also sell the one to the nice lady who emailed me from Canada, I will be mighty close to having sold as much "accidentally" as I did when I planned and planned for the weekend festival.

This is a great reinforcement of the idea that you have to be prepared for "good luck." Lay the groundwork and make the products and get the word out and even if the process isn't what you imagined, chances are you'll get a bit of that happy good fortune, even if it arrives in a way you never anticipated.