With another show behind us...

How could it already be Monday morning? You know how when you've prepared for something and thought about it and talked about it for so long, then suddenly it's behind you...it feels a little odd? Well, odd or not, the pottery festival yesterday is now behind us. Time to move forward to new endeavors. But first, the highlights. My favorite things about yesterday:

  • Just being there is always nice. No matter how many months pass, coming back and setting up with more or less the same people year after year creates a little sense of community. There are people I don't even recall by name who are warm and smiley with me the moment our eyes meet. We'll always have that.
  • Seeing specific other people with whom I DO have a shared history...that's nice too. Whether through past classes, the festivals, a guild, or otherwise, I love running into friends and friendly acquaintances with whom I've lost touch.
  • The people I know "from my other lives" who showed up. Between talking to customers and potential customers, I sat down and wrote - having many thoughts to organize and sort through. So sitting in my chair and looking up to see this or that familiar face approaching me, through that crowd of customers and browsers...pottery lovers...was very much cool.
  • Particularly the one who surprised me. A friend who has recently moved away was in town and I didn't know it. She completely surprised me. (Congratulations on your surprise news, my friend!)
  • Oh! There was another, in particular, whom I haven't seen in years!!! Hey Ellen! Seeing you was awesome! (Ellen said she used to stalk me on eBay then I stopped selling. I gave her my card and said, "Here. Now you can stalk me on my blog!" Let's see if she stops by...)
  • The kind words people said about my work.
  • Selling. Of course.
  • Being asked if I'd like to have my work carried in a new shop that's opening up downtown in a few weeks. Yes! That inquiry goes along quite nicely with my recent decision to put more of my work in shops and galleries. Excellent how that works out, isn't it?

Now I'll have to tell you everything about yesterday wasn't perfect. It was fun and I'd do it again, but here's what I'd have done differently:

  • I skimped on my booth setup. Among my proudest memories is having people tell me, over the years, that I have one of the best booths around. Not so this year. I skipped some of my fun, unique displays and paid for it through all-day regrets.
  • More and more people are starting to make jewelry. I do not tell a lie when I share that I saw one in particular that looked so much like one I imagined a while back but never bothered to make. More wishes I'd followed through on something. Not exactly a regret, since I've been working hard and lingering regrets never benefit us. (Well, in a way I suppose they do, but this kind would just sap my energy.) But there was a little stab of jealousy to see "my idea" (which was, in all fairness, actually someone else's idea come to fruition,) on a nice, quality, well-designed, NOT skimped-on display. Hm.
  • There may be other things, but at the moment those are the biggies. That's enough.
Now it's time to move along. I made quite a to-do list yesterday while sitting in that chair. Think I'll continue checking things off. (I started late last night.) Hope your day is fine!