A few hours in Atlanta

Things I like about coming down here:

  • The non-stop, directionless conversation that doesn't need any explanation because all parties have ADD.
  • That it's probably not thought of as bad form that I'm in here blogging while the mom of the house is having to clean up a present from family doggie in little girl's room.
  • The fact that even though I left the airport at a little after 11:30 today, I've already been to a Very Much Cool fabric shop and purchased fabulously priced fabric to make myself a spring shoulder bag, and have been all over IKEA, AND met the kids at the busstop, seen another friend, and it's only 3 o'clock. Things move at a fabulous pace 'round here.
  • Small people walk into the room in you're in, videotape you while talking with exaggerated, goofy voices and then walk back out without the need to say goodbye. (There's something remarkably refreshing and OTHER than my daily routine about being around people whose ages are still in single digits.)

Anyway, thought I'd say hello and blog a little update. Haven't created anything since last writing here, but am having great grand fun and have no doubt that MUCH creativity will abound while I'm here. Oh. And I'm going to a prom. !!!!??!!!???!! More on that later!Psychotic.