Have beads, will travel

Along with packing, running seventeen errands & meeting with a web client at 10, I have to figure out "this bead situation" before I leave for Raleigh this evening. Here's the thing. I have about a trillion beads, all separated by color in these nice little plastic organizers, stored in a suitcase on wheels. Good stuff. And it's H E A V Y, babies. 97% of those beads are glass and glass weighs more than, well, the fabric I'll have in my other suitcase!

Last night I was thrilled with the way things went at the beading party, and aside from the stellar company (really cool people) I attribute some of that to the fact that I've gotten my beading storage and transport down to a science. But now I have to fly with these things, and I'm thinking I'm not quite ready for that. The challenge will be to decide how many to leave behind. I'm not suggesting I'll leave all of any one style here, but rather that I'll separate the quantities so that half, say, of the frosted square white beads go with me and half stay here, and so on and so forth. If I go through and consider how few, actually, of some beads people incorporate into their finished product, I just don't need 'em all.

Have you ever sat in an airplane and noticed how roughly your luggage is handled when it's being loaded? They always throw the bags face down for some reason (I can only assume it's because the wheels are on the other side and their experience tells them if they put 'em down that way they could roll off the little rolley things.) But not only do they throw them face down, they THROW them period. So if half my beads are left at home, or even a third, that could be a good thing. And the bag is heavy. I think I mentioned that. Heavy bags tend to cause travelers bigger troubles than light ones.

So that's on my mind this morning. What I don't want to do is get all the way to Atlanta tomorrow and discover I've left something I really need here, and since I'm having two beading parties while there, this is among the greater concerns on my mind today. Last time I took beads to Atlanta, I drove 'em there. So it's a first.

I wish I could say it's more interesting than that, but I can't. Sorry.

Oh. But there's coffee! That could help sort things out a bit! Psychotic. Happy Wednesday!