More necklaces than I realized

105053-287441-thumbnail.jpgIt's always this way: I think I have less in my inventory than I really do. Of course all that means is I've sold a lot of my favorites and nothing that remains is nearly as good as the designs in my imagination. Nonetheless, in preparing for tonight, I started organizing inventory. Then discovered just how much I actually have on hand.

Over the years when battling my own desire to be better and accomplish more, I've heard scads of advice from others. Among that advice is that, when expressing concern that I'm not ready for an event or exhibit or display of some sort because I don't have the quality of work to show that I'd anticipated, "They don't know what's in your head. All they can see is what you're showing them. And it's really, really nice." I'm the one telling myself this stuff today, since it's just me without anybody around.

Even when taking photos of these 4 stands of necklaces (I have 9 to take, plus a basket of pieces in zippy bags I'm leaving here because suddenly I don't love them anymore and don't want to deal with them tonight,) I see how lint shows up on the black velvet-like flocking of these cards. And the light reflects off the shiny parts making them look more lint-y. I guess neurosis has to show up in some form, regardless of how well things are going. I'm still going to show you some of the pieces. It'll make me feel better about the fact that there isn't anything "fresh" to show you in my galleries these days. Hopefully when I return from Atlanta I'll get down to business about getting my galleries fleshed out and showing off the fun pieces I have for sale.

And now I'd better move along. I have to leave here within an hour and don't even think I'm ready. Remember those errands? Nope...haven't started 'em. :) Ta ta!!!