Before tonight's beading party

Do you know anybody who leaves themselves enough time to do everything they need to accomplish? If so, send 'em my way - I need lessons.

I'm excited to be facilitating a beading party tonight for a book group in the home of somone who attended my last one here. It's always a hoot to see the dynamics of a group of people who come together to theoretically do the "same thing." Watching the progress of individuals presented with thousands of beads, given the opportunity to make any length or design of necklace they want, is enthralling. Just like with my own, no two pieces are ever alike. And the interactions between the people themselves is even more fun to watch.

Sadly I can't think too much about this, this morning. I have a slew of errands to run and some laundry to do and never mind I haven't started packing before my trip. Um, in essence tomorrow. I'm staying in nearby Raleigh tomorrow night, before flying to Atlanta from there on Thursday. 

Best not think about that now. I need to make my list. Um. Where's my notebook???