Scheduling silliness

Last night at my friend's house, late, she learned I'd scheduled an appointment this morning for 8 a.m. Her response: "You did WHAT???" That was me an hour ago when I heard what sounded like rain outside my window. (I still haven't had the nerve to look for myself, but I'm fairly certain...) And realized my sleepy time was over.

My "traditionally employed" friends won't feel my pain and I'm not asking them to. I'm just saying, once more, for the record, I am not a morning person. I will meet with you all day long, any hour that you like, but give me a "reasonable hour" any time.

Which is why I feel, particularly, the pain of my soon-to-arrive web client. She's not a morning person either. And I'm the one who suggested this atrocious meeting time. How gracious she was when I threw it out there.

So I'm on my way to make a larger-than-usual pot of coffee. It's the least I can do.