Wanna' see my new necklace?

105053-285750-thumbnail.jpgFirst, I need to tell you I realize how fortunate I am to be able to say "Hey, I need a new necklace!" and then just sit down and make one that perfectly fulfills my personal wishes. Just so you know I don't take it lightly.

Now, having gotten that out of the way, La la la, le le le! I got a new necklace!  I told you I would show you if I liked it, and I do. (...she writes, knowing perfectly well there are some who will find it quite nice and still others who think it's the ugliest thing they've ever seen!)

I used three HandMadeByMoi terra cotta beads, some completely imperfect glass beads, still other Czech glass beads of uniform shape and size, some natural materials such as shell heishe and these beads I think are trade beads I've had sitting around for a long time, and some antiqued copper spacers. Oh and these great green-lined, clear Miyuki Shoji square beads. And from the toggle clasp, I hung a dangle I created by using some of the same beads from the necklace on a piece of copper wire I curled, hammered and attached directly to the ring of the clasp.

And now that I'm comfortable that the greens at least GO if not quite MATCH the sweater I'm going to wear them with, I can commence making another necklace that I won't get to keep. I promise not to blog about each necklace I create today and in the coming days, but I really do hope to get some photos on here. It's pretty bad my home page says "click to see new necklaces" which takes you to a group of MostlyNoLongerAvailable pieces I made back in January.

And how weird is it that I can even SAY "back in January" now? You know you're aging quite nicely when you start lamenting the rapid passing of time every other day...