Oh THAT'S the way you knit!

Last night I had the pleasure of watching someone knit who has been doing it for possibly more than 50 years. She handed me her needles and suggested I give it a whirl. My sister's mother-in-law is making something for the baby. Something cuffed and ribbed. I don't cuff. Or rib. I started a slow, painful row of the purl stitch. I don't purl as quickly as I knit. To say my knit stitch is quick would also make you laugh. But the purl is m i g h t y slow, babies.

She smiled and nodded and told me I was doing a good job. Then she shoved her long needle up under my arm to show that this would help. My arms are easily 6 inches longer than hers and while I know that there are some seriously adept knitters who do it this way, it felt awkward. That was no concern of hers. It's the way to go. Already she'd seen that I knit with these excruciatingly short (to her) needles. Hello? All I know how to make are scarves. Who needs three foot long needles for THAT?

I handed the needles back to her. Then I watched. I SEEEEE. So THAT'S how you do it. In the books I have and have seen, they show you how to hold the yarn. I don't hold it that way. I LIKE the way I hold the yarn. It feels comfy! But last night I learned that if you DO hold the yarn that way, your fingers can fly. Hmph. Good thing Spring is here. I don't need any scarves anyway right now...