A FRIday in the life…

Isn’t it time for another list? I don’t seem to have bulleted anything in awhile. After forty eleven thousand false starts and Distractions Of Unusual Proportions, I finally hit my groove and think I accomplished a lot today. I’ll know by the end of the list. So today’s list will be A Day in the Life of Your Average Creative, ADD Freelancer…when that day happens to fall on a Sunshiny Friday, in between cuddles with a brand new baby in the family. Be prepared. I’m very much into capitalizing things today. More so than usual.

Time out. I just started the list in the manner of hourly schedule. Tiresome. Starting over. Not going through a list of everything I did today. Just some of the more fun, productive or personally interesting tasks. Okay. Ahem. Here we go, then:

  • Prepared the description card for display as per earlier entry from today.
  • Wrote the Aforementioned Entry in my blog.
  • Emailed the Aforementioned Photography Teacher to say hello.
  • Rebuilt (higher resolution) logo for website client who needs a version for stationery and business cards. Called her.  Got voice mail. Emailed it to her.
  • Took half-and-half personal/business call from Cindi. Discussed details of the business portion of my trip next week. Talked to her Very Much Cool babysitter who happened to be “participating” in Senior Skip Day. Laughed in agreement in topic of “How interesting can your life be when you and two of your closest friends decide to hang out with a 37 year old Mom Of Two on Senior Skip Day?”
  • Emailed sister several times, about (you’ll be shocked to learn,) her new baby.
  • Called Most Neglected Client Since Baby Was Born. Was reminded that she’s had 3 of her own babies, and now also has a granddaughter, so didn’t feel neglected at all. Discussed business with her. Set today’s goals concerning Work I’m Doing For Her.
  • Created 3-4 really ugly graphics for her site that, fortunately, she’ll never see ‘cause I realized how substandard they are before actually showing them to a soul.
  • Had a Moment Of Inspiration.
  • Reworked some of the layout to incorporate said inspiration.
  • Paused to consider what if she hates it.
  • Decided I’ll take my chances.
  • Took several personal phone calls. (Don't worry: it's not Against The Rules in my office.)Psychotic.
  • Caught myself surfing the ‘net at least 3 times. Each session started innocently enough. Forced myself, each time, to get back to work.
  • Exchanged emails with client who’d needed the printable logo. Made a few more updates and realized the site was finished. Declared today a glorious day. Uploaded and informed client site was live.
  • Exchanged a whole bunch of personal emails.
  • Finished working out more of the new design concept for Formerly Neglected Client.
  • Emailed link and questions to her.
  • Exchanged emails with coordinator of upcoming festival.
  • Rotated and cropped batch of photos from yesterday’s photo shoot with completely different client never mentioned in this entry before now.
  • Raved over some of the shots, lamented a few poor choices I made while shooting others. (Such as shadows behind her head in a few of them, from having her stand too close to the background.)
  • Decided I want to look Just Like Her in my next life.
  • Uploaded photos for her preview and emailed to tell her how to find them.
  • Checked my own website’s stats to see how today’s traffic has been.
  • Went to the Post Office.
  • Then to the bank.
  • Discovered, with and without help from Owner Of Latest “Complete” Site that we needed to do two or three more other smallish things.
  • Made those changes. Emailed link for her review. Awaiting approval before making “final, final” update.
  • Stepped over mess in bedroom and tried to figure out just when it’s going to clean itself.
  • Exchanged email with my brother. Was amused.
  • Heard back (SINCE starting this piece,) from Not Neglected Anymore client who LOVED what I decided to do with site since she saw the last mockup.
  • Breathed prayer of thank you and emailed her a response to let her know what I’ll handle next.
  • Got heartburn. Badly.
  • Decided this is long enough.

I Think I’ll find something to eat and get the beads and pendants out. I need to make some necklaces. Perhaps I’ve mentioned this already…

Oh, look! Someone called! Now I’ll have company while I make new necklaces! Tee hee...

Happy Weekend, Eddabody!