Links, festivals, kitties, online marketing, & empty cartons

Here are the things I'm concerned with this morning. Varied topics, and boldly present:

  • The bulemic kitty moved back into my bedroom for a few days. I wonder why she stayed away so long, why she returned, and why she's decided to leave again today.
  • I don't have a links page on my website and it's time to finally build one. I've meant to for a long time.
  • The Triad Area Spring Pottery Festival is going to be here before I know it and I'd better be ready. These things seem to sneak up on me and I always pull it off but my intention this year is to have the best booth ever, with the best product selection I've ever presented. Which means today I need to work with some clay again. Woo hoo!
  • Lately I've been thinking about how cool it would be to have "easy" income available for those periods where I want to just make stuff (jewelry, lamps, pottery, cotton shoulder bags...whatever!)multiplestreams.gif instead of concerning myself with always setting up the next job or finding new potential clients. There are a lot of people making money online by promoting the products and businesses of others. (See sponsored ads for two examples.) It's done all sorts of ways: Through blogs, through search engine and internet directory pay per click advertisements... apparently some of those annoying spammers are even making it work, too, although I suspect most of those just think it's going to work so they dump their redundant spam on us, hoping to make more of those elusive dollars. A lot of the methods are distasteful or just not up my alley, but sometimes I wonder if there wouldn't be a therichjerk.gifcreative, interesting way to make some of these methods work, too.

    I personally know someone who supplements his income nicely by capturing a bit of the money that's being passed around online. Somehow actually knowing him adds a little credibility to the idea that an average person can use online advertising to generate income. That and the very real evidence, if you spend any time at all online, that clearly it's happening since it's not just television commercial breaks that bring us our marketing content anymore. Like it or not. That's all I'm going to say about this. It's just one of the topics bouncing around in my head this morning.
  • As is the curiosity over just how annoyed Roomie is at me for not replacing the half-and-half yesterday when I noticed it was getting far too low. Particularly in light of the fact that she just replaced it not too many days ago at all. Eek.
How 'bout we end this and get on with the useful stuff? I hope your day is spiffing!