Merging blogs from "The Network of If"

Long-time readers will know that there was a period of time, about a year ago, when I decided to create a separate blog from this one. And as is my custom, I thought at the time it would be a good idea to not just set up one separate blog but a site that incorporated a bunch of them. I could create separate blogs on topics of interest to me and my peeps and form a sort of network. (In time, see, others would run their own blogs concerning topics we found interesting.) As if the internet needed another blog network. Apparently I figured it did, and proceeded to lay the foundation for just that.

I called it The Network of If, (called such as the idea was worked around the idea that the word "if" offers such intrigue, potential, endless possibility,) bought the domain, and set up all these different areas. At first I had tons of them then realized I could only reasonably maintain 5 or so. You won't be surprised to know the topics were, let's see if I can remember without looking: creativity, ADD, travel, (loosely,) marching to the beat of your own drum, and (tee hee) starting a blog. It was a pretty site. And I really did love it. Then reality set in, as other responsibilities took my time and attention away, and I dissolved the blog. Decided I'd just write about these topics on my own blog, after all, and keep things simple.Now if someone follows the link they'll just find my home page.

Which has bothered me for a while now. For one thing, the site ended up getting a decent amount of traffic (to be so new and Not That Well Promoted,) and therefore, even now, if someone searches for some of the entries I'd posted there, they're still listed in search engines and directories. (I know this because among the awesome perks of managing my site with Squarespace is the ability to know how people found my site. And I saw evidence of another confused visitor just yesterday when the person clicked on the link provided by Google and found my home page, rather than the article they were actually looking for.) Not only do I believe in giving people what they're looking for on my site, but also I wrote a lot of stuff back then. Which is just sitting in a backup archive on my hard drive.

Clearly I love it when people find my site and I want all the visitors I can get. But not confused ones who don't really want to see something besides what they're looking for. So I was again reminded that I need to dust off these old posts and put 'em on this site! But it could be confusing to just incorporate a bunch of old entries into this one, without having them somehow anchored to the original purpose I set 'em up in the first place. And to that end, I've been working to do just that. Page by page, I'm pulling those entries out and merging them into another (currently private) area of this site. When it's all completed, I'll post a prominent link for those who are interested.

For now I gotta' tell you it's a lot of work. Not more, necessarily, than I thought it would be. But most certainly a lot. What a walk down memory lane! I'm working on the "ADD Batch" now and wow. You know how when a topic is front and center on your mind it takes on a sort of elevated place in your life? Well the pieces I'm reading and merging right now were writtgn during the time after I'd been diagnosed with ADD and was being guided along as I took all sorts of medications (sequentially, of course - not all at once,) to see if it didn't help improve the quality of my life. In the end, I've sort of abandoned that for the moment. Lots of personal stuff needed my attention and oddly enough, I decided to just return to my "old ways" of making it one day at a time, sans medication, often exceedingly distracted but authentically me. Not to say I won't medicate again. I just don't have the energy for it right now. For the side effects, for figuring out which works best, for the occasional anxiety. I miss the weight loss, I'll admit. That was a bonus. But the other stuff took a lot of emotional energy I don't want to put toward that.

How does this relate (you might ask) to my career? Well, oddly enough, blogging is a PART of that career. While I can't announce myself to be a professional blogger, by any stretch of the imagination, I'm intrigued by those who do make their living in that fashion. I use my blogs and other websites to help people by sharing things I've learned, to generate advertising income, to generate traffic for potential customers, and so forth. ("So forth" being the non-career-oriented purposes I blog, such as staying in touch with loved ones, amusing myself, getting my ya ya's out, centering myself...stuff like that.) Time to get back to it. There's a long way to go, today, as I meander through this to-do list.