Dinner, anyone?

Here's how mealtime might go if you're A.D.D.

First of all, you might eat late in the morning so at "lunchtime" you're not really hungry so you put it off. But then you realize you have to leave for a while. Time to run those seemingly endless errands and you really don't have the patience to find anything easy to manage. So you just leave. You go by the post office, you return the jeans that don't look nearly as great in the light of your own personal mirror as in the dressing room (oddly enough,) you see the client, you drop off the thing at the printer, you return the other thing you absolutely can't understand why you bought in the first place, and then you go to the supermarket. For just a few things. Which takes you 45 minutes (it's really, really busy at the supermarket at 5:15,) and sets you back $58. Then you go home. And unload the car. It takes two or three trips. Put away the groceries, carry the other things upstairs, then think about the new thing you bought for some meal or other. Why not now?

Let's say, just for the sake of amusing ourselves, that it's Morningstar Farms meatless burgers with tomato basil flavor. Sounds yummy so you pop one into the toaster oven, remember the last burned thing you didn't get to eat which prompts you to set a timer this time, then go back upstairs to deal with your computer issue du jour. A while later, caught up in your heavy concentration, you wonder what that infernal beeping is. Oh. It's the beeper you wanted to hear. Sort of.

Back downstairs, you turn over the burger thingie, reset the timer and return to your work. Sometime along the way the phone rings and you left that one downstairs so you go back to get it. You smell the yummy burger and you try and try to turn off the timer. Don't know how. Apparently it'll turn itself off when it's good and ready. So you turn off the toaster oven anyway, then get out some good whole-grain bread, pop two pieces into the toaster oven thinking if you leave the burger thingie in there it'll be fine 'cause maybe it wasn't quite done anyway. You turn the toaster on toast and return to your office to finish one more thing.

45 minutes later you think "Man I'm hungry." Then you remember you've actually "made dinner!" and it's really exciting. You walk downstairs with a little spring in your step. (Which could be caused by the cat perched on the middle step that you almost missed but let's say it's 'cause dinner smells so yummy. It goes better with the story.)

You open the toaster oven. Prying the now-stuck-to-the-tray burger thingie out is impossible so you have to dirty a spatula. The toast is too dark on one side, untoasted on the other. And hard as a rock...on both sides.

You find some spread or other in the fridge - let's say it's Miracle Whip - and add more than you usually would, praying the moisture seeps into the bread so you don't break a tooth.

It's the crunchiest sandwich you ever had. And the tastiest. You worked so hard for it, after all. And waited so long...

Yea, it's good to be A.D.D. Thank God the roommie will be home tonight and you've agreed to cook together. She's not A.D.D. and so hopefully between the two of you, an actual meal will be the outcome. Oh please...