Amusing urges while sitting on hold

I know it's the A.D.D. "talking" when I feel urges like this. I guess the meds won't take away the urges, only give me a little more awareness that they're not "ordinary." I'm talking about the seemingly reasonable thought that, while holding for a while with a domain provider (trying to work out some issues on an internet domain I've had for years but have just decided to handle differently) I should save time and walk downstairs and into the garage to get the other desk chair I brough over here. Since I moved in with Jan, I've been slowly working to get my work/personal space set up just so. And the "new desk" I'm using is actually what was once my dressing table. Sans mirrors of course. And the height of the chair I use at this desk isn't exactly what I need. Close, but nope...

So I'm holding and holding...why can't I just quick run downstairs and get it? Well, because knowing me, I'll notice the coffee pot on the way and pour myself a cup of coffee since I just ran out and really really want more. And because I seem to recall that when I put the extra chair into the garage I put a box in it's little lap. And so I'd have to find an alternative place to put the box, then come back up here.

But inevitably, my call would have been picked up (as it has by now, dear, patient Kate who is trying to help me and I keep jumping ahead without paying close enough attention) and there I'd be, down in the garage sorting through boxes and chairs, phone perched on my shoulder, neck starting to ache as it is now, and she'd ask a question and I'd not be able to answer since I wasn't in front of the computer.  

See my dilemma. So I didn't go downstairs, and now I'm on the call only waiting for Kate to check out something on her end. Good stuff.