A.D.D. and moving

I wonder what moving would be like for a person without A.D.D.?

I've gotta' tell you there were times during the past couple of weeks while I was moving that I wondered this. It seems in my own personal brain I go through a pendulum-swing's-worth of abilities to focus and not so much. At times I was hyper-focused on "doing it right" which meant getting all those color-coded labels on just the right boxes and having them put in storage in a place where I could reach them if ever I needed to. It was all about strategy.

Then the days came, this past week, in which all I could think of was getting out. Of course we all know people who just throw stuff in boxes and head out. That's not so smart if you're not putting those boxes in a house where you can quickly go through them. It seemed more practical to do this tidy way along the way. It was a sort of defense mechanism. 

I think it might have gone a lot more smoothly if I'd had less pendulum swings but we play the hand we're dealt and let's just pretend those of us with A.D.D. have better stories to tell in the end. Sure, it could be a bunch of bunk, but it's my bunk so we'll let that be that.

Maybe I'll actually have one or more of those supposedly interesting stories to share next time I post. Today, not so much...