Then I clicked the link leading to design submissions

Dontcha love the 'net? I mean, remember when we couldn't sit down and look up A N Y T H I N G  we wanted and find at least something that had been said about it? Not to say that everything we said is remotely relevant to our intended search, but I'm just sayin'. We've all been here: you sit down to look up something and a link on the page catches your eye. You click on it. Before you know it Who On Earth knows what sites you've visited to get there?

That was me yesterday after completing a particularly long session sitting right here working on one of my many web projects. I thought I'd click over to Darren Rowse's which is a great resource an Australian blogger works his butt off on to help teach other bloggers how to make money from their blog. I read a couple of entries and then sat and contemplated just how many of his recommendations I've thought were fabulous and then proceeded not to implement. Yet. Then I sat and just looked at his site. Scrolled up and down. Something caught my eye. He has a list of links on the left navigation bar that route to different blogs in the blog network. I've never taken the time to click on them before. But I did yesterday!

Whaddya' know? There's a "Hobbies & Crafts" link that reads Jewelry & Beading! Well now! That's up my little old alley. So of course I clicked. Okay. Hold up. Let me remember what I did next. 'Cause this will get to me if I can't recreate my path. (Just this time...when I'm trying to show a roadmap from this surfing session.) Okay, so I learned that the site is edited by Tammy Powley who also loves jewelry, beading, writing and tons of other things that are creative. Kindred spirit, I'd say! So I clicked around on several of the links mentioned in Tammy's bio page. And then when I ended up at there sat this little phrase I haven't thought about since my academic days: **Call for Entries**, it reads.

Of course I clicked there, too, as you may do yourself if you're curious like I was. And when and if you do, you'll see what's been hanging over my shoulder as I proceed with the New And Improved To-Do List that picks up where yesterday's left off. I'm wondering if I shouldn't accept the Call and respond to:


You'd better believe I'm intrigued. Here's the idea:

We are seeking project contributors for an upcoming book tentatively titled Making Designer Mixed-Media Jewelry. The book will feature handmade jewelry that can be made at home with simple tools by non-professional jewelry makers.

  • I can't use clay. Most people don't have boxes of earthenware and porcelain clay sitting around, or kilns at their disposal.
  • I also learned that they aren't looking for polymer clay submissions. Okay then. That had crossed my mind, given my albeit minimal experience with the material. (Follow this link to read about the only way I know to use polymer clay for my own purposes.)
  • So then what? Fiber, paper, found objects, images, charms. But it needs to be innovative. If I do submit something, it doesn't need to be something everybody's already seen before. Clearly.

The deadline is April 30th, although it sounds like they're really "on it" and it would behoove me not to dilly dally around. Dilly dallying, of course, is one of my specialties. Which makes it difficult to know if I'll work on the ideas in my head.

But I'll give you a little clue. I sat and discussed the challenge with roomie over coffee this morning. We talked about some materials and she actually suggested some intriguing ideas I hadn't come up with. Of course when I started outlining some of the ways I might implement those ideas her eyes sort of glazed over and she developed a pained expression on her face. Morning coffee with me when I'm in a creative frenzy is not for the faint of heart.

I will answer one thing, though. She asked me, and I'd already asked myself last night: Will it support or distract from my current goals? Well, if I do it, the idea will support my goals. In order for me to take the ideas to any level of fruition, they will have to be interesting enough and of a quality that I would be willing to incorporate them into some of my existing designs. Or into designs I'm working on that haven't been fully explored yet. So at least I have a gauge of measure... I have to make sure I don't lose my focus altogether. Of course, a very real component to my process is the fact that I can, do, and will lose focus. It's the A.D.D. Way, for goodness sake! It's a part of my journey to creativity. It's just important to always check in and make sure I haven't taken it too far off track.

And so it continues...